Combating the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic

Long Island is in the midst of a heroin and opioid crisis that is ravaging our communities and leaving in its wake heartbreak and devastation. Plain and simple, we cannot arrest our way out of this problem, nor can we pinpoint this on a group of people. In 2017, 600 individuals on Long Island died from opioid overdoses.

  • Provide long-term treatment to reduce relapses
  • Train more individuals on the proper way to administer Narcan
  • Hold pharmaceutical companies accountable

Women’s Issues

As a beacon of progressive policies, New York should be at the forefront of women’s issues. With women’s health issues under attack in Washington, I am committed to fighting for legislation that will protect reproductive rights, ensure equal pay and will deliver real justice to sexual abuse victims.

  • Pass the Reproductive Health Care Act
  • Pass the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act
  • Pass the New York State Fair Play Act
  • Ensure workers have access to sick days and maternity leave

Fix the Long Island Rail Road

With over 350,000 daily LIRR riders, trains must run on time. In 2017, the LIRR had its worst on-time performance in 18 years – and that is unacceptable.

The LIRR must also improve its communication so commuters aren’t finding out about delays and cancellations minutes before their scheduled trains.

  • Ensure safe, reliable service
  • Improve communication with commuters
  • Create new revenue sources to fund public transit

Protect Long Island’s Drinking Water

We must ensure our water resources remain safe and clean for residents and future generations. I will fight New York City’s proposal to reopen Queens wells, which has the potential to affect our groundwater through saltwater intrusion or diversion of underground toxic plumes. Because Long Island does not have access to lakes, rivers and streams, we rely solely on groundwater aquifers – and they must remain intact.

  • Stop New York City from reactivating Queens Wells that could harm our water
  • Make the Governor set a standard for 1,4-dioxane
  • Set up monthly town hall meetings with elected officials to address drinking water concerns

End the Albany Corruption Culture

New Yorkers are tired of seeing their elected officials in handcuffs. They’re tired of reading Albany’s pay-to-play culture that favors special interests and lobbyists – not the people. And they’re tired of electing people who put Albany over community.

  • End Albany’s pay-to-play culture
  • Implement term limits
  • Create an easy-to-access database of companies receiving state subsidies

Rebuild and Secure our Infrastructure

Our region is still recovering from the destructioncaused by Superstorm Sandy. We took a devastating hit as a community – and we lost too much to not properly rebuild and secure our infrastructure.

  • Secure our infrastructure to better prepare for natural disasters
  • Fix, maintain and resurface our roads
  • Preserve our beaches


Seniors are the backbone of our community and they must be able to afford to retire in the communities they’ve helped build. With more than 1.1 million residents over the age of 65, it is paramount we continue caring for those who have cared for us.

  • Improve and lower the cost of healthcare
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs
  • Improve Adult Protective Services to curb elder abuse

Gun Safety

There is an epidemic of gun violence in America, and as politicians in Washington balk at the issue of protecting our children, New York must lead the way. We must protect the SAFE Act and build on its progressive of common-sense gun reform. I wholeheartedly support the Second Amendment, and I’m not in favor of taking guns away, but this epidemic has grown too large – and we must act now.

  • Pass the Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) law
  • Extend the window to complete background checks to 10 days
  • Ban bump stocks and prohibit individuals who have been convicted of hate crimes from purchasing firearmse