The Heart of Juan Vides

Juan Vides’ business career is defined by many striking accomplishments. He has built a successful technology consulting firm that has designed websites for more than 1,000 clients. He has served on the boards of financial institutions, business and professional associations and not-for-profits. Also a proud members of the NAACP. These achievements in a career that spans more than two decades provide insight into his way of thinking.

Yet, there is an even greater story to be told. It is a story of inspiring resiliency, faith, and a firm dedication to – and love of – family and community. It explains what drives, motivates, and defines the spirit of the person who will become the 20th Assembly District’s next representative in Albany.

By age four, Juan had already seen firsthand more than what any child should see. Civil war was ravaging his homeland of El Salvador. Loud noises at night spoke of bombs and violence that carried through into the light of fearful days, often riddled with the sounds of bullets and the smell of death.

Juan’s parents made the heroic choice to escape the war-torn country and raise their children in a safe environment in a place that held out great promise for a better future. They came to New York and were granted refugee status.

His parents’ strong work ethic greatly influenced Juan. They came to this country with a seventh-grade education. Neither spoke English. Nevertheless, they made a comfortable life for their children through their hard work, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirits.

Juan’s mother was a self-employed domestic who sometimes went beyond her duties by doing laundry and cooking for her clients. After an injury forced him to leave a job with a local country club he held for 30 years, Juan’s father also became an entrepreneur.

These defining moments gave Juan a great sense of family and taught valuable life lessons. The experiences imparted the importance of keeping faith, continually moving forward and conquering fears and challenges. In both his educational and business career, Juan learned to value hard work and to never give up on the goals and dreams that he has for himself, his family, and their future.

This is the type of representative that the 20th Assembly District needs: a leader who will never abandon his community, and who will continually fight to tackle the issues that matter most to its residents.